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What is your production process?

What is your production process?
Update Time:2019-04-27

A mature company has its own operating system to ensure efficiency and quality, of course, we are no exception. Let me introduce our production process.

Before volume production, first we will make pre-production sample because we need to make sure everything is right then start mass production. Sales will confirm each details about your design, then we start to make paper pattern and sample.

If the sample is satisfying, then mass production will proceed smoothly. In turn are fabric quality testing, cutting, printing, sewing, ironing, quality checking and packing. Finally,deliver the goods.

However, if there is something wrong with the sample, or you are not satisfied with it, we will revise as you required. Until you are pleased, we start to batch production.

Hucai Sportswear Productoion Process

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