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HUCAI Factory Development

HUCAI was established in 1999 and has taken root in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It has been a sportswear supplier for more than 20 years. The company is positioned in the mid-to-high-end sports, fitness, and yoga clothing market. Our corporate vision is to become the most valuable sportswear company in China.

The clothing manufacturing industry started in 1999, starting from a 200-square-meter factory. During this period, it mainly served the domestic market. It also provided OEM services for international clothing brands such as Armani, focusing on OEM services.


In 2012, it began to receive orders for fitness and yoga wear. The factory expanded to 600 square meters and has 30 workers. At the same time, in 2017, we began to participate in global sportswear supplier exhibitions. In order to better develop and serve customers, we opened our first official website - hcsportswear.


The factory size has been expanded to 2,000 square meters. We have purchased automatic cutting equipment, automatic sewing equipment, multi-functional heat transfer machines, automatic ironing equipment, etc., which greatly increased our production capacity and can produce 10,000 pieces a month. Sportswear to better serve customers’ order requirements.


Intelligent construction of the factory will begin in 2020. The factory size will be expanded to 6,000 square meters, the number of employees will be increased to 200, a work distribution system between various departments will be established, and a digital sportswear production line will be established to better improve production efficiency. In order to better serve large customers in the United States and do better development work, we established a second official website in 2020 - fcgymwear.


We are an ethical sportswear supplier. We focus on environmentally friendly production and give priority to employees, the environment and the communities we serve. In 2021, we will start to certify OEKO-TEX 100, GRS*, GOTS and other certificates. We highly respect the sustainable practices in the industry. trend. At the same time, in 2022, we established the third official website-hcactivewear.


In 2023, we will focus on establishing the sales SOP process and initially complete the standardized training system for junior salesmen. From the beginning there were only 3 foreign trade staff to the current foreign trade team of nearly 20 people. We are still continuing to work hard. Hucai's mission is: To be a leader of sportswear manufacturer, create more values for sports brands.



MES system

  • HUCAI employs a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), an advanced system capable of effectively managing and controlling production activities.
  • The MES system monitors and schedules each stage of the production process in real-time, ensuring efficient and orderly production. It can collect production data in real-time, helping us respond quickly and adjust production plans, thereby minimizing waste and increasing output.

Hanging Production System

  • To further boost production efficiency, we have introduced the hanging production system. 
  • This system uses automated conveyor belts to efficiently and accurately transfer semi-finished products between different stages, significantly shortening the production cycle. The hanging production system not only improves production efficiency but also reduces human error, ensuring consistency and high quality in our products.

The value we provide to our customers

  • 1. Ensuring Timeliness: Delivery within 30 Days
  • 2. Full Visibility of Production Progress
  • 3.Improved Quality

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HUCAI Equipment

Looking for a sportswear supplier that meets your various needs, you need to have a high-quality clothing manufacturer with cost-effective production technology as your clothing partner. We work with well-known sports brands, and we care about what you want to achieve in the apparel industry.
  • Cutting

    Every sportswear brand needs a manufacturer that understands its manufacturing needs, and that’s where cut and sew services come into play. Cutting machines include: computer cutting bed (1), electric shears (5), fabric inspection machine (1), shrinking machine (1), which will bring you the following benefits: efficient production, precise cutting, improved Capacity, lower costs, guaranteed quality, bringing you unparalleled flexibility and uniqueness. We promise to make clothing exactly according to your requirements, whether it is a variety of women's sportswear, we can ensure that your work is unique.

    Women Sportswear Factory
  • Sewing

    A manufacturer with a well-equipped cutting and sewing factory will be better able to understand and execute your plans than a garment manufacturer without the ability to produce garments from scratch. We have four-needle and six-thread lathes (5 units), square lathes (8 units), flat lathes (15 units), edge lathes (7 units), ironing machines (4 units), double-needle lathes (5 units), etc. This allows us to flexibly and quickly produce multiple types of garments simultaneously, with large daily production capabilities, helping you turn sports bras, sports yoga pants, and more into a reality.

    Custom Women Yogawear
  • Embroidery

    If you are looking for a sportswear manufacturer that can provide you with a large number of embroidery craft services, HUCAI's professional team is ready to help you. We have professional embroidery machines (2 sets) to achieve fast and fine embroidery effects for you. Your products can be embroidered on various fabrics, such as sports sweatshirts, sports T-shirts, sports pants, sports long sleeves, etc.

  • Heat-transfer

    During the heat transfer process, the image is transferred to the paper, and then ironed on the sports T-shirt to transfer the image, making the pattern durable, maintaining good visual effects and sense of quality, suitable for all kinds of sportswear for sportswear Adding to the unique appeal, we have state-of-the-art technology and high-performance heat press machines (2 units) to optimize your sportswear for superior results.

    Women Sportswear
  • Screen printing

    Using professional screen printing technology, customers' logos and patterns can be accurately printed on sportswear. Typically used to print large quantities of a single sportswear design, when you order custom sportswear from us we do not print on ready-to-wear garments. Instead, we will send cut fabrics for printing, like fabric slices for sports bras, fabric slices for yoga pants, using professional fully automatic screen printing machines (2 sets) to ensure the improvement of production efficiency.

    Women Sportswear ODM
  • DTG

    Using digital direct printing technology, complex patterns can be printed directly on sportswear, achieving high-definition and delicate effects. The efficient equipment (2 units) greatly reduces printing costs and delivery time. The resulting garment is lightweight and comfortable, yet durable enough to withstand strenuous activity. It is also the choice of many brands.

    oem Women Sportswear
  • Washed

    Fashion trends have changed dramatically and fabric processing has become an important element of any garment. Through the use of special washing technology, silicone washing, biological washing, anti-shrink washing and other technologies, people can easily solve shrinkage, wrinkles, ironing and other problems, and add unique texture and style to sports T-shirts, jogging pants, sports sweaters, etc. Create fashionable effects and enhance brand image and market competitiveness.

    Women Sportswear
  • Sublimation

    Compared with thermal transfer printing, this printing effect is similar to stickers, but the effect is long-lasting and can be used to print real images on products. For example, sports T-shirts that require large-area printing can use this printing method. The resulting clothing is light, comfortable, durable, and can withstand strenuous activities.

    Women Sportswear
  • Tie-dye

    We employ the latest garment dyeing machines and technologies such as drum dyeing machines, paddle dyeing units and jet cycles, etc. Tie-dye is limited to 100% cotton and we conduct exhaustive color fastening testing before shipping, including rubbing, detergent wash, light testing, sweat and water testing. We will do everything possible to meet your needs and solve your pain points.

    Women Sportswear

HUCAI Manufacturing Process

I believe that your sportswear brand has achieved certain results. Do you feel that the previous supplier did not achieve your goals? Do you feel that you need to change to a more mature and high-quality sportswear supplier? If you are still concerned about HUCAI, please take a look at our standard manufacturing process below: HUCAI is the best choice for a successful clothing brand!
  • Communication template

    Choose the style you need from our catalog. If you want to add some special requirements, just tell us the special requirements you need. Or if you need customized services, please tell us your design samples, design sketches or reference samples.



    The salesperson shows you a summary of your custom clothing line and goes through it with you over the phone or requests your approval via email; once you approve the summary, turnaround time begins and we continue with the sampling process.


    Sample production

    The order follower will send the order document to the sample supervisor and arrange to complete the sample within 12 days. Including fabric ironing, cutting, craft production (such as printing, embroidery, silk screen, washing, digital printing, lamination, etc.), sewing (four needles and six threads, Hassel, Xian), product ironing, size inspection, etc.


    Quality inspection

    After the sample is completed, the sample supervisor will conduct a quality inspection and hand it over to the merchandiser after the inspection is correct.



    The salesperson shows you a summary of your custom clothing line and goes through it with you over the phone or requests your approval via email; once you approve the summary, turnaround time begins and we continue with the sampling process.


    After-sales service

    The order follower will send the order document to the sample supervisor and arrange to complete the sample within 12 days. Including fabric ironing, cutting, craft production (such as printing, embroidery, silk screen, washing, digital printing, lamination, etc.), sewing (four needles and six threads, Hassel, Xian), product ironing, size inspection, etc.

  • Determine production details

    We need your assistance throughout the sampling process as we keep you informed of the current status and get approval on things like print design, label design, cutting and sewing styles, etc.


    Catalog bulk orders

    After confirming the mass production, the batch order request is cataloged and filled in. The salesperson submits the contract to the transaction recording system and enters the material order information in the order tracking system.


    Financial review

    Finance staff will review it in the order tracking system.


    Purchase materials

    Buyers start purchasing fabrics, tags and marks.


    List and Samples

    The merchandiser prints the incoming materials list and sends it to the sample supervisor.



    Notify the production department when the salesperson confirms the details of the pre-production version.


    Purchase accessories

    The purchasing specialist began to purchase auxiliary materials and started ordering in bulk.


    Progress tracking

    The merchandiser will follow up the production progress and inform you of the production progress online.


    Balance payment and delivery

    After the order is produced, the salesperson will notify the customer to pay the balance and arrange delivery. For business, inform the time of receipt of goods and follow up on customer satisfaction.


Zero Defects is Our Quality Assurance

We offer an impeccable 100% quality guarantee on every order you place, guaranteeing that no product will be defective in any way. Because when a sports brand orders 300 units, they will get 300 units that are exactly as described and ready to sell.

We only cooperate with high-quality sports brands that have been reviewed, are well-known sports brands, and focus on the mid-to-high-end market. We will not work with clients who are chasing every last penny and hoping to drive down production costs through hard negotiations. We firmly believe that the services provided by the factory will be received at a fair price.

Strict Quality Control Process

We create customized high-performance sportswear for brands in the gym and fitness industry. Our target customer groups are brands, influencers and fitness bloggers. Every client is considered our first customer, and we always start with a blank sheet of paper and listen to the client's goals, brand positioning, unique selling points, and market routes. We then distill it down to create unique and unique products that meet our customers' needs.

What to check for fabrics

During the fabric inspection process, we will pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Material quality:Check the texture, softness, tensile strength, etc. of the fabric. Make sure the fabrics you choose meet our requirements and provide high performance such as breathability, moisture absorption and elasticity.

  • Color fastness:Test the color fastness of the fabric to ensure that the color will not fade or change color during washing and daily use.

  • Wrinkle resistance:Check the wrinkle resistance of the fabric to ensure that the sportswear stays neat and flat during wear.

What to check for samples

During the fabric inspection process, we will pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Design accuracy:Confirm that the design of the sample is consistent with the customer's requirements and check whether the details are accurate.

  • Ize and cut:Measure the dimensions of the sample to ensure they match the requirements in the specification sheet. Also, check for precise tailoring and ensure the comfort and fit of your activewear.

  • Sewing quality:Carefully check the tightness of the stitching and overall sewing quality to ensure the durability and reliability of the sample.

  • Accessory inspection:Check the zippers, buttons, webbing and other accessories used in the samples to ensure their quality and normal function.

What to check for bulk goods

Bulk inspection is the last step before formal production to ensure the product quality of the entire batch.

  • Size and quantity:Check that the size of each piece of sportswear meets the requirements in the specification sheet and verify that the order quantity is accurate.

  • Quality control:Randomly select a certain number of sportswear for comprehensive inspection, including fabric quality, sewing quality, detail processing, etc. Ensure that the product quality of the entire batch is up to standard.

  • Packaging and Labeling:Check the packaging and labeling of each piece of sportswear for completeness and accuracy.

What to check before shipment

Before shipment, we conduct final inspections to ensure that the products our customers receive meet their expectations and requirements.

  • Cosmetic Inspection:Carefully inspect the appearance of each piece of sportswear to ensure there are no flaws, stains or damage.

  • Packaging and Labeling:Confirm that the packaging of each piece of sportswear is intact and verify that labels and tags are accurate and complete.

  • Quantity verification:Check whether the order quantity is consistent with the actual shipment quantity, and ensure that the quantity of each size and color is correct.

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HUCAI is a supplier specializing in the design, customization and production of women's sportswear. Our design team is very creative and inspired, and keep up with the latest market trends, we can provide you with the latest design and category solutions to meet your needs. We welcome all brands, Internet celebrities, fitness bloggers to consult, we believe that our design ability and the latest market trend to master the ability, can provide better promotion for your brand value. If you have any related needs, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with you!
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