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ODM Women Sportswear Service

ODM service is one of our comprehensive solutions, providing customers with one-stop service from design to production. HUCAI has rich experience in the field of sportswear, has accumulated many years of ODM manufacturing experience, and has successfully cooperated with many well-known sportswear brands. Through ODM services, we will help you create unique sportswear products to make your brand stand out in the market.

Why do We have ODM Gymwear Capabilities?

Have a professional design team

HUCAI has a design team full of creativity and professional skills. They all have more than 3 years of experience in sportswear design, and have served as design ambassadors for domestic and foreign sportswear brands. They can understand and meet customers' various needs for sportswear design. demand, to be able to bring the latest fashionable sportswear designs to our customers.

Have flexible market insights

Our design team pays close attention to market trends and will participate in exhibitions in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway and other countries every year, and go to the countries where our cooperative sports brands are located to conduct local market research and gain an in-depth understanding of customer needs. Able to provide competitive design solutions.

Have strong supply chain advantages

The fabric and accessories suppliers that HUCAI cooperates with are all capable of development and are suppliers that focus on providing sportswear fabrics and accessories. They can meet our fabric and accessories requirements, cooperate with us in the development of sportswear, and provide reliable support for ODM projects. support.

What Capabilities does Our ODM Service Team Have?

Design team

  • More than 3 years of experience in sportswear design
  • Served as a design ambassador for well-known sports brands at home and abroad
  • Develop new sportswear product series for two quarters a year based on market trends.

Sales team

  • Proficient in the knowledge of sportswear fabrics and accessories, and able to recommend suitable fabrics to customers
  • We have a business team of 25 people, which can effectively provide in-depth one-to-one service.
  • We have a dedicated after-sales team to answer questions in a timely manner and provide the most appropriate solutions.

ODM Women Gymwear Service Process

Step 1

Need confirmation

The salesperson fully communicates with the customer to understand their needs and expectations and ensures an accurate understanding of the customer's design needs.

Step 2

Design proposal

The salesperson informs the design team of the customer's design concept, and the design team provides innovative design solutions based on customer needs, including samples and detailed design instructions.

Step 3

Sample confirmation

After the customer comments on the design proposal, the sample details will then be communicated to ensure customer satisfaction and final confirmation.

Step 4


Once the sample is approved, we start the production process to ensure efficient, consistent quality manufacturing.

Step 5

Quality inspection and delivery

After production, 5 strict quality inspections are conducted to ensure that the products meet high standards. Finally, it is delivered to customers on time.

If you already have a complete technical package or a complete sportswear design concept and just need us to make your design into sportswear, then please click on the OEM page to see more details you care about!OEM Services

HUCAI has Standard 5 Quality Inspection Standards

Inspection of purchased noodles and accessories

In the first step of production, we strictly inspect the purchased fabrics and accessories. Only materials that pass our strict quality inspection standards can be used for production, ensuring quality from the source.

Semi-finished product inspection

At an intermediate stage during the manufacturing process, we conduct in-process inspections to ensure that all aspects of the product meet standards. This includes key points in the production process to ensure that the product reaches the expected quality level at every stage of production.

Finished product inspection

When the sportswear is completed, we conduct a final inspection to fully inspect the finished product. This ensures that the final product meets high standards in all aspects of design and manufacturing to meet customer expectations.

Inspection will be carried out before ironing

We carry out a final inspection before the product undergoes final finishing and ironing. This step ensures that each item has passed final quality control before the product is finally presented to the customer.

Spot checks will be carried out before shipment

Before products are ready for shipment, we conduct spot checks to ensure that the entire batch meets standards. This is the last step to ensure that the products received by customers are strictly controlled.

Hucai ODM Serves Customers

What They Say

Customer from UK

Working with HUCAI is my first choice, they understand my brand concept. Their ODM team is not only well versed in sportswear innovation, but also maintains exceptional professionalism throughout the design process.

Customer from Netherlands

We chose HUCAI as our ODM partner, which is a wise decision. Their design team is full of creativity and not only focuses on fashion trends. HUCAI's ODM service process is very clear and transparent communication is always maintained.

Customer from US

The HUCAI sales team is very proactive and always responds to our needs promptly and provides professional suggestions. They perform excellently in design, production and delivery, winning the market for our brand.

Frequently Questions and Answers

Please see below for frequently asked questions, if you have other questions, please contact us directly, we will answer for you at any time
  • 2024 HUCAI Spring Festival Factory Holiday Notice|ODM Sportswear Factory China
    Our factory will be closed on February 4, 2024, and the holiday period will last till February 16, 2024.
  • Are there any new fabrics for HUCAI's 2024SS women's sportswear?
    I am glad to tell you the answer is yes. Our new spring/summer 2024 sportswear development work incorporates the latest trends and our unique design concepts to develop a wide range of fashionable and cost-effective fabrics for sports brands, providing you with an unrivaled selection of sportswear to purchase.
  • How can I get product recommendations and hot styles for the peak selling season?
    You can check the latest sportswear recommendations in the new product group on our website, or contact our sales team to get product recommendations and hot styles for the peak selling season.
  • What is the rhythm of my purchasing sportswear when choosing the logistics form of shipping?
    HUCAI suggests that in January-February you have to carry out the bulk procurement of spring and summer sports in advance, and the transportation time of sea freight will be a little bit longer, which is in order to avoid the long transportation time and lead to the missing of the best time for sales.
  • I am the CEO of a sportswear brand,what is the rhythm of my purchasing sportswear?
    the specific purchasing plan should be adjusted according to your brand positioning, market demand and product life cycle, etc. HUCAI's sales team will provide you with professional advice at any time to ensure that your purchasing plan is synchronized with the market.

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