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What Factors Determine the Price of a Perfect Piece of Sportswear?

The price of sportswear is affected by many factors, including fabric quality, production technology, style complexity and logistics and transportation. High-quality fabrics, customized craftsmanship, unique designs, logistics options, etc. usually increase costs. Here are some factors that may affect several:


A: Fabrics of different materials and quality will affect the price. High-quality, advanced technology fabrics are usually more expensive.

B: The special functionality of the fabric may also increase the cost, such as moisture wicking, breathability, and antibacterial functions. But it also improves the performance of sportswear


Special treatments such as embroidery, heat transfer, and printing may increase costs, but they also improve the visual appeal of the garment, thus affecting the price.


Complex designs and cuts may require more man-hours and effort, thus increasing manufacturing costs. Unique, stylish designs are often considered high-end products, with correspondingly higher prices.


The quantity of goods and transportation time will affect the logistics price, which will also lead to an increase in the purchase cost of sportswear. The logistics timeliness that requires fast timeliness will affect the price.

The following are some factors that affect price and available options provided by HUCAI to meet the different budget purchasing requirements of various brands:


Polyester + spandex

Nylon + spandex

Nylon + Lycra




Wash water

Heat transfer


Basic model

General version

Complex model


Express delivery

Empty faction


Let’s Talk About Price

Perhaps, you may have multiple suppliers to compare with whom to work with. I suggest that while comparing product prices, you also need to consider the related product quality. When customizing women's sportswear, you must consider that after a few months of use, you will find that poor quality fabrics will lose elasticity or fade. It is a one-time cooperation rather than a long-term investment.Be wary of sellers who offer the lowest cost before seeing the details of your needs. Just like a decorator, plumber or builder needs to see your house before they can give you a quote, a reputable custom sportswear manufacturer needs to understand your needs in order to provide you with an accurate cost to ensure a long-term, stable relationship.It’s important to research the cost of women’s activewear based on your budget because there are many factors that influence the price. There are many categories of women's activewear, please refer to the following as a quick guide:

How Much does it Cost to Mass-Customize Women’s Sportswear at HUCAI?

Sports Bra

FabricCraftsmanshipStylePrice range
Polyester + spandexNumber and size of printsBasic model7-15 USD
Nylon + spandexNumber and size of embroideryGeneral style
Nylon + LycraWashing processComplex model
Polyester + spandexNumber and size of heat transferBasic model


Our carefully selected fabrics and craftsmanship ensure the durability and comfort of the Bra, while the diverse styles allow you to find the style that best suits you when wearing it. The price range of sports bras is between US$7-15.


FabricCraftsmanshipStylePrice range
Polyester + spandexNumber and size of printsBasic model7-15 USD
Nylon + spandexNumber and size of embroideryGeneral style
Nylon + LycraWashing processComplex model
Polyester + spandexNumber and size of heat transferBasic model


Legging is the perfect combination of fashion and comfort. We focus on fabric craftsmanship to ensure that details and quality complement each other, and present a variety of styles. The price range of yoga pants is between US$7 and US$15.

Sports Hoodies

FabricCraftsmanshipStylePrice range
100% cottonNumber and size of printsBasic model10-25 USD
Cotton + PolyesterNumber and size of embroideryGeneral style
cotton spandexWashing processComplex model
Cotton + Polyester + OthersNumber and size of heat transferBasic model


The choice of sweatshirts depends on the fabric, technology and style. Whether it is a basic style for daily sports or a special customized model with embroidery technology, it shows the diversity of sweatshirts. The price range of sports sweatshirts is US$10-25.

Sports T Shirts

FabricCraftsmanshipStylePrice range
Cotton spandexNumber and size of printsBasic model5-15 USD
100% cottonNumber and size of embroideryGeneral style
Cotton + PolyesterWashing processComplex model
Bamboo fiber + spandexNumber and size of heat transferBasic model


The fabric, craftsmanship, and style of short-sleeves determine comfort and fashion. Whether it is a basic model with printing technology or a complex model with washing technology, it can meet your demand for short-sleeve diversity. The price range of sports short-sleeves is between 5 and 15 US dollars.

What Logistics Options does HUCAI Offer?

HUCAI cooperates with various logistics companies to provide "guaranteed compensation insurance" for free to every customer. Our logistics services are guaranteed and provide door-to-door services, which can effectively reduce customer worries and logistics after-sales problems.

Express delivery

Suitable for customers who are more urgent or have special requirements on timeliness, HUCAI provides door-to-door service, usually arriving in 5-7 days.

Plane delivery

Compared with express delivery, the delivery time is longer and the price is more affordable. It usually arrives in about 15 days. It provides door-to-door service, which is convenient and fast.

Ship transportation

HUCAI cooperates with professional shipping companies, which is suitable for customers who value logistics cost-effectiveness more and have reserved enough time for purchasing goods. The goods usually arrive in about 30-40 days.

Under What Circumstances May it Increase Your Costs?

Different order quantities will affect your price. In principle, the greater the order quantity, the lower the price will be, and vice versa.Personalized customization according to your needs, including fabrics, colors, accessories, packaging, etc. The more customized projects you have, the more your costs will increase.Global logistics and transportation as well as import and export tariffs may increase procurement and production costs.

How We Help You Save Money

f there is enough time, we will recommend a suitable physical method. For example, you can choose sea transportation, and your transportation cost will be reduced from 50 US dollars/kg to 15 US dollars/kg. You can contact us in advance to determine the order production time.You can choose the right fabric according to your budget. We have a service team with 5 years of sportswear service, and we are very capable of saving you costs through fabric recommendations.We use advanced production technology and efficient production processes to improve production efficiency and thereby reduce manufacturing costs.

Why don’t We Display Specific Prices on Our Website?

We do not disclose specific prices on our website because we are committed to providing personalized solutions. Each customer's needs are unique and involve different fabrics, processes and styles, so specific pricing needs to be adjusted based on the customer's specific requirements. By communicating directly with our customers, we are able to better understand their needs and provide the most appropriate solutions to ensure they receive the best value products.

You can click here to view the approximate sample policy budget and production plan budget!

What are the Consequences of Buying Cheap Products?

Buying cheap products may lead to compromise in quality and performance. Cheap products usually use low-cost raw materials and simple production processes, and may lack durability and comfort, which will have an impact on the brand image in the long run.Cheap products often ignore social responsibility and may involve labor conditions and environmental protection issues. Choosing quality and reliable products is key to ensuring long-term satisfaction and sustainability.

How to Measure Whether a Sportswear Manufacturer is Reliable?

Development capabilities

Find out about the manufacturer's design team and innovation capabilities, including whether they can offer unique styles, prints or functional designs. HUCAI has a team of 20 people with 5 years of sportswear development capabilities, including 2 international designers who keep up with international trends, which can ensure that your sportswear conforms to market trends.

Supply chain capabilities

Understand the production scheduling and management of the supply chain to ensure that orders can be delivered on time and production efficiency is maintained. HUCAI cooperates with excellent suppliers of fabrics and accessories in the sportswear industry and has a standard procurement process.

Service capabilities

Whether the manufacturer's customer service team can respond quickly and professionally, ensuring that customers can receive timely support and information, and whether it can accurately understand customer needs. HUCAI has a professional team of 25 people who are proficient in sportswear surface and accessories to meet the unique needs of customers and reflect its service flexibility.

Manufacturing capacity

Understand the manufacturer's production equipment and technical level, ensure that it has modern manufacturing processes to improve production efficiency and product quality, and understand the manufacturer's quality control processes and measures, including whether there are strict quality inspection standards and procedures. In our factory, more than 100 skilled workers use the most advanced professional equipment to manufacture each piece of sportswear in accordance with an ultra-high standard 5-step quality inspection process.

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