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We are proud of our excellent business, innovative design, superb sampling and production capabilities, and efficient logistics timeliness, and are committed to providing OEM services for sports brands.

HUCAI OEM Sportswear Capabilities

Operational capacity

  • The business team is proficient in sportswear surface accessories and is familiar with the fabric characteristics of sportswear and can recommend suitable fabrics to customers.
  • The business team has a total of 25 people, all with more than 5 years of experience.
  • Sportswear market research and customer visits in different countries. Every year we go to the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway and other European countries to conduct sportswear market research, and participate in sportswear supplier exhibitions to understand the market and customer needs.

Development capabilities

  • HUCAI has a high-quality design team with experience in serving international first-line sportswear brands at home and abroad, and can present the latest and most fashionable designs to customers.
  • We have a strong supply chain of sportswear fabrics and accessories, such as silk screen printing, embroidery, washing and other processes. We all have professional production experience.

Proofing ability

  • We have a total of 15 people in our workshop, including 4 professional pattern makers, all of whom have more than ten years of experience in making sportswear samples.
  • Advanced sampling equipment and professional technology can ensure that each sportswear accurately restores the design and perfectly presents your original design concept one to one.

Production capacity

  • HUCAI has 25 years of experience in sportswear production and has more than 100 skilled workers, all of whom have sportswear production experience.
  • With 5 strict quality inspection processes, the factory has advanced production equipment and an efficient management system to ensure the delivery of high-quality products on time.

Logistics capabilities

  • HUCAI provides a variety of logistics methods, including express delivery, air delivery and sea transportation, to meet the needs of different customers.
  • Provide door-to-door logistics services to ensure that products can be delivered to all parts of the world on time and safely.

How to Start Customizing Sportswear

Choose HUCAI and you can start your customization journey in just a few simple steps.

Step 1

Send technical package

We have a total of 15 people in our workshop, including 4 professional pattern makers, all of whom have more than ten years of experience in making sportswear samples.Advanced sampling equipment and professional technology can ensure that each sportswear accurately restores the design and perfectly presents your original design concept one to one.

Step 2

Technology package review

The technology package you provide is the starting point for our cooperation. Our professional team will carefully review the technical package, including design drawings, process instructions, required fabrics and other details, and will confirm the details with you one by one to ensure that everything meets manufacturing standards.

Step 3

Customized suggestions

With our many years of experience, we may make some suggestions to optimize the design or increase production efficiency. We always strive to ensure that the final product not only meets your expectations, but is also practical and market-competitive.

Step 4

Design and proofing

Once the details are confirmed, we will quickly start designing and prototyping. Through efficient communication and feedback, we ensure that every detail meets your expectations and make the customized sportswear perfectly presented.

What are Our Requirements for Technology Packages?

For technology packages, we look forward to your contributions! By clarifying the technical package requirements, we are able to work more effectively with our customers to ensure that the technical package provided by the customer provides clear guidance for the production of custom sportswear, ultimately achieving the customer's expectations.

Clear design drawings

We require customers to provide clear and detailed design drawings, including the size of each part of the sportswear, style requirements, logo location, etc., to ensure that we accurately understand your design intentions and ensure that the final product matches its design vision. consistent.

Detailed process description

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the production process, the technical package provided by the customer needs to include detailed process description, including sewing process, detail processing, printing or embroidery requirements, etc., to ensure that every link meets your expectations. , helps reduce uncertainty in communication, improves production efficiency, and ensures on-time delivery.

Specify fabrics and accessories

In the technical package, customers need to clearly specify the required fabric type, color, texture, etc., and provide corresponding fabric samples. Likewise, accessories such as zippers, buttons, etc. also need to be clearly labeled. Providing fabric samples can provide us with a more intuitive reference to ensure that you are satisfied with the choice of fabrics and accessories, and help ensure that the texture and appearance of the final product meet your high standards.

If you do not have a complete technical package and only have a simple design drawing or design concept and need the services of the HUCAI design team, please click here to view detailed ODM services.

ODM Services

Advantages of Our Team

In the process of providing OEM services for different sports brands, the advantage of our team is that we regard customer satisfaction as the highest standard, unite and collaborate, and relentlessly pursue quality. We aim to provide customers with more transparent, efficient, and highly customized services. OEM service.

Efficient understanding ability

HUCAI has a business team that is proficient in sportswear surface and accessories, and can accurately understand the details of the customer's technical package and grasp the customer's sports brand concept and design requirements.

Intimate customer communication

We focus on close cooperation with customers and establish transparent and efficient communication channels. At the same time, we protect customer privacy and will not disclose the details of customers' technical packages. Through timely feedback and communication, we ensure that we fully understand customer needs and provide more tailored solutions.

Rapid response requirements

We take it as our responsibility to respond quickly to customer needs, maintain flexibility, and adjust production plans in a timely manner to ensure that customers' urgent needs are met.

Flexible customization services

In order to meet the diverse needs of different customers, we provide flexible customization services. From style design to fabric selection, as well as accessory requirements, all can be adjusted according to the unique requirements of customers.

Custom Women Gymwear

Let's Get to the Point of Cooperation

Step 1


First, the customer sends technical packages and other information to HUCAI, and we will conduct in-depth consultations with the customer to understand their specific needs, brand concepts and expectations for sportswear customization.

Step 2


Based on the results of the consultation, we will provide a detailed quotation. This includes a list of costs for design, production, logistics, etc. to ensure that customers have a clear understanding of the cost of the entire cooperation process. Transparent quotes demonstrate our commitment to customer trust.

Step 3

Design and proofing

Once the customer accepts the quotation, we will start the design prototyping phase. During this process, we provide preliminary design sketches and samples, work closely with the client, collect feedback, and make necessary modifications to ensure the final design meets the client's expectations.

Step 4

Contract signing

After the design is confirmed, we will sign a contract with the customer. The contract will clarify the rights and responsibilities of both parties, as well as specific delivery time, payment terms, etc., to ensure the transparency and legality of the entire cooperation process.

Step 5


According to the payment terms agreed in the contract, the customer will make the down payment. This helps ensure we can start production on time and customers are able to pay in installments, reducing financial stress.

Frequently Questions and Answers

Please see below for frequently asked questions, if you have other questions, please contact us directly, we will answer for you at any time
  • 2024 HUCAI Spring Festival Factory Holiday Notice|ODM Sportswear Factory China
    Our factory will be closed on February 4, 2024, and the holiday period will last till February 16, 2024.
  • Are there any new fabrics for HUCAI's 2024SS women's sportswear?
    I am glad to tell you the answer is yes. Our new spring/summer 2024 sportswear development work incorporates the latest trends and our unique design concepts to develop a wide range of fashionable and cost-effective fabrics for sports brands, providing you with an unrivaled selection of sportswear to purchase.
  • How can I get product recommendations and hot styles for the peak selling season?
    You can check the latest sportswear recommendations in the new product group on our website, or contact our sales team to get product recommendations and hot styles for the peak selling season.
  • What is the rhythm of my purchasing sportswear when choosing the logistics form of shipping?
    HUCAI suggests that in January-February you have to carry out the bulk procurement of spring and summer sports in advance, and the transportation time of sea freight will be a little bit longer, which is in order to avoid the long transportation time and lead to the missing of the best time for sales.
  • I am the CEO of a sportswear brand,what is the rhythm of my purchasing sportswear?
    the specific purchasing plan should be adjusted according to your brand positioning, market demand and product life cycle, etc. HUCAI's sales team will provide you with professional advice at any time to ensure that your purchasing plan is synchronized with the market.

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