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Who We Are

HUCAI was founded in 1999 and is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is a sportswear manufacturer with 25 years of production experience. It cooperates with many well-known first-line sports brands to provide sports brands with more clothing options. HUCAI focuses on providing excellent OEM&ODM services for mid-to-high-end sports brands in the United States, Europe, Australia and other countries.

HUCAI Quality

HUCAI sportswear adheres to the commitment of excellent quality and comprehensively controls product quality through 5 strict quality inspection standards to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

HUCAI Services

HUCAI conducts customer satisfaction surveys every year and takes customer satisfaction as our service standard. HUCAI has always been customer-oriented and provides services to customers with an altruistic and innovative spirit.


HUCAI's products are sold to 56 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Japan, and Canada. Provide sportswear customization services to 500+ brands. To become a leading manufacturer in the sportswear industry, continue to provide fashionable, cutting-edge and comfortable sportswear to clothing brands, and contribute to the sportswear industry.

Our vision

Become the preferred partner of independent sports brands.

Our Proud Numbers

We provide customers with more in-depth services and work with you to complete the continuous innovation and breakthrough of the brand. We look forward to more...






Design every year


Monthly output

What Makes Us Experts?

International design team

A team of 20 people with 5 years of sportswear development capabilities, including 2 international designers who keep up with international trends. We not only produce, we are also a source of creativity.

A business team that is proficient in surface accessories

We lead the fashion trend and have a professional team of 25 people who are proficient in sportswear surface and accessories. Quality and detail, all in our choice of materials.

Production factory

In our factory, more than 100 skilled workers use the most advanced professional equipment to manufacture each piece of sportswear in accordance with an ultra-high standard 5-step quality inspection process.

Sustainable cooperation

We are not only committed to one-time transactions, but also willing to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you. Your success is our success, and we pursue sustainable development together.


At HUCAI, our team, like our sportswear, is full of personality and energy. We are not only colleagues, but also like-minded partners, each of whom brings his or her unique strengths to the team. Our goal is to obtain customer satisfaction. In the United States, Australia, and Europe, customer satisfaction reaches 99%.

Jean, CEO

Responsible for the company's global trade department, I bring 30 years of expertise in apparel manufacturing and export. Annually visiting the U.S., Australia, and European countries, I engage in market research, ensuring one-on-one client service and product development.I love learning about the sportswear market through these customer visits.

Chen, Production Director

As the Production Director with 30 years of experience, I handle project management, facilitating communication between production and international trade departments. I ensure smooth coordination of production processes and oversee workshop operations. Being a part of the HUCAI family and ensuring on-time delivery to our clients is truly fantastic!

Woody, Business Manager

Managing exports to the United States, my role involves ensuring our exceptional clients receive our impeccably crafted sportswear. I meticulously address client needs, believing there's nothing better than enhancing customer satisfaction.

Christy, Business Manager

Heading the business team for Australia and Europe, I confidently possess profound understanding of customer requirements. I organize my team to provide personalized service and contribute to product development, fostering and maintaining strong client relationships.

Why Choose HUCAI

Development capabilities

A team of 20 people with 5 years of sportswear development capabilities, including 2 international designers who keep up with international trends, constantly introduces new products to provide customers with the most advanced sportswear.

Supply chain capabilities

We have established an efficient and reliable supply chain system to ensure the coordinated operation of raw material procurement, production and logistics processes. This enables us to deliver high-quality products in a timely manner and meet our customers' needs for rapid time-to-market.

Manufacturing capacity

More than 100 skilled workers use the most advanced professional equipment to manufacture each piece of sportswear in accordance with an ultra-high standard 5-step quality inspection process. Our manufacturing capabilities enable your order to be completed efficiently and accurately.

Service capabilities

We have a professional team of 25 people who are proficient in sportswear accessories, able to perfectly present customers' designs and ideas, and turn ideals into realistic sportswear.

Code of ethics

At HUCAI, we value employee care and social contribution. We are committed to providing a great working environment and caring about the health and well-being of our employees. At the same time, we actively participate in social welfare undertakings, give back to the society, and fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

How does HUCAI Fulfill its Ethical Principles?

To be a sustainable brand, you should only work with ethical clothing manufacturers. At a minimum, your potential suppliers must be free of child labor or forced labor in their factories. HUCAI As a sportswear supplier, we strictly follow a series of ethical principles to ensure that our business plays an active role in ethics and social responsibility. We can guarantee that we are not falsely advertised, and we can provide BSCI certificates. Here are some key aspects of how we live up to our Code of Ethics:

Employee welfare and safety:

Provide a good working environment, training opportunities and fair pay.

Provide a platform for employees to grow:

provide each employee with a sufficient platform for growth, and put strivers first, so that strivers can grow and realize their value, and become socially competitive.

Sustainable manufacturing in factories:

Factories use energy-saving equipment to reduce energy consumption. And we pay great attention to environmental protection and protecting the earth.

Sustainable material use:

The sustainable materials we use in sportswear manufacturing, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, etc.

Customer privacy protection:

We are committed to protecting customers' private information and processing personal data legally and transparently. We take steps to ensure the security of customer data and comply with relevant regulations and best practices.

Fair competition:

We firmly oppose any form of corruption and unfair competition. We conduct business in a fair and transparent manner, comply with competition regulations and build trustworthy relationships with our partners.

Why Our Customers Give Us a "5 Star" Rating

We aim to provide quality services to our customers that they remember. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal to achieve. Our top-rated services make our customers rate us "5 Star."

Choosing HUCAI is one of our wisest decisions. Not only do they provide high-quality products, but their service is also very professional. Their team was always proactive and made sure our needs were met.


XX Gymwear CEO

During the cooperation process, HUCAI's innovative capabilities injected new vitality into our brand. Their team always maintained efficient communication and provided us with strong support.


Founder of "Sporting Apparel"

After searching a lot online I came across Steve Apparel, I found these guys to be very friendly and the best thing was that I could be very direct with them about what I was looking for in a sportswear line.


Co-Founder & Owner at ative apparel

Whatsapp: +86 13602338395E-mail:admin@hcsportswear.comaddress:Building A4, No. 5, Nanmian Industrial park, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Let's Talk
HUCAI is a supplier specializing in the design, customization and production of women's sportswear. Our design team is very creative and inspired, and keep up with the latest market trends, we can provide you with the latest design and category solutions to meet your needs. We welcome all brands, Internet celebrities, fitness bloggers to consult, we believe that our design ability and the latest market trend to master the ability, can provide better promotion for your brand value. If you have any related needs, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with you!
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