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New Arrivals Autumn/ Winter 2024

New Arrivals Autumn/ Winter 2024

Welcome to the HUCAI Fall/Winter 2024 Women's Sportswear Collection! Here you will find a diverse range of sportswear that we have crafted for you. Whether you are a sports brand party in pursuit of comfort or a trendsetter with a passion for fashion, we have the right style for you.
Autumn/Winter women's sportswear
Why are they divided into 16 series?
In order to better meet the needs and preferences of different brands, we have divided this batch of new products into 16 collections, each with its own unique design concepts and features, which can be selected from the design recommendations, or from the catalog details!
What is the design philosophy?
The HUCAI design concept is diversity and individuality. By dividing the new products into 16 collections, we want to show the diversity and richness of sportswear. In addition, we also focus on the use of new technology and new fabrics, combined with market trends to design new styles with more creativity and fashion sense, in order to meet the consumers' pursuit of quality and fashion.
 2024 women's sportswear
Series1.Lightweight and warm series
Design concept: this series use padded yoga fabric, provide light and comfortable wearing feeling and warm effect combining light and warm, suitable for the pursuit of comfortable and lightweight sportswear brand.

Features show: 1. Lightweight and warm 2. Padded yoga fabrics
Series1 Collection:
HUCAI Custom Women 1/4 Zipper Sweatshirts Polar Fleece Fabric Gym Hoodies Supplier
-Reversible polar fleece Fabrics - Quarter zip high neck design -Warm and lightweight
HUCAI ODM Women Slim Fit Jacket Mid-high Neck Spliced Cotton Yoga Fabrics Coats
-Mid-high Neck -Spliced Cotton Yoga Fabrics -Slim Fit Design
HUCAI ODM Gym Bras Built-in Anti-slip Strips Boob Tube Top Activewear Manufacturer
-Built-in Anti-slip Strips -Boob Tube Top Design --Removable cups
HUCAI Custom Women Ankle Banded Pants Air Cotton Lightweight Fitnesswear Supplier
-Air Cotton Fabrics - Ankle Banded Design -Super soft & lightweight
HUCAI Women Flare Leggings Hip-Lifting Slim Back Hidden Pocket Pants Manufactured
-Flare Leggings -Back hidden pocket -Hip-Lifting Design
HUCAI Women Sportswear
Series2.Tie-dye Process series:
Design concept: this series uses the traditional tie-dye process, making the surface of the garment show unique patterns and textures, showing individuality and artistic sense.
Features show: 1. personality 2. uniqueness 3. softness
Series2 Collection:
HUCAI Sports Short Leggings ODM Women Tie-dyeing Printing Yoga Pants Factory
-Fashion Short Leggings, easy to wear -Tie-dyeing process rotating positioning pattern, unique fashion
HUCAI 100% Cotton Gym Shirts Tie-dye OVERSIZE Custom Fashion Short Sleeve Supplier
-100% Cotton,breathable -Tie-dyeing process rotating positioning pattern, unique fashion
HUCAI Custom Gym Shirts Tie-dye Printing ODM Women Pullover Long Sleeves Supplier
-Novel short and medium version -Tie-dye process, each pattern texture is unique
HUCAI Private Label Fitness Bras Tie-dye Fashion Lady Gymwear Manufacturer
-Tie-dye process, each piece of pattern texture is unique. -Excellent supporting performance
HUCAI Women Sportswear
Series3.Denim digital printing series:
Design concept: This series adopts digital printing process to emphasize the personalization and fashion sense of ladies' sportswear, which attracts the eyes.
Features show: 1. Retro fashion 2. Personalized 
Series3 Collection:
HUCAI Custom Fitness Bras Women Sublimation Denim Texture Gymwear Private Label
-Sublimation Denim Texture Process -Classic version of yoga bra vest
HUCAI Custom Gym Shirts Denim Texture Digital Printing ODM Women Long Sleeves
-40D elastic mesh fabric,translucent material -Imitation denim texture design
HUCAI ODM Printing Sports Leggings Denim Texture Sublimation Yoga Pants Factory
-Denim Texture Sublimation Process -Classic version of yoga pants
HUCAI Women Sportswear
Series4.Comfortable Thermal Series(Polar Fleece)
Design concept: This series is made of rocker fleece fabric, combining lightweight and warmth effect, suitable for sportswear brands pursuing comfort and lightweight.

Features show: 1. Lightweight 2. Sherpa fleece fabric
Series 4 Collection:
HUCAI Custom Tank Top Alphabet Embroidery Spaghetti Strap Gym Women Sportswear
-Alphabet embroidery & spaghetti strap -Slim-fit version waistcoat with adjustable length
HUCAI Women Sweat Pants Fleece Fabric Elastic Waistband Joggers Supplier
-Adjustable elastic waistband - Foot mouth can be adjusted elastic
HUCAI ODM Sweatshirts Oversized Fleece Fabric Lady Fitness Hoodies Supplier
-OVERSIZE short shoulder-type hoodie -Alphabet embroidery &lightweight
HUCAI ODM Vest Fleece Fabric Lady Adjustable Hem Fitness Waistcoat Supplier
-High collar double-sided fleece zipper short vest -Pockets on both sides, adjustable hem
HUCAI Women Sportswear
Series5.Galaxy Shining Series
Design concept: This series emphasizes on fashion and individuality, using designs with glitter fabrics, designed for night sports and fashion sports.

Features show: 1. Glitter fabric 2. Luster 3. Fashion sense
Series 5 Collection:
HUCAI ODM Gym Printing Shirts Women Shining 100% Cotton Short Sleeves Factory
-Shining 100% Cotton -Super soft & breathable -Puff printing LOGO
HUCAI ODM Lady Sweatshirts Shining Fabric 100%Cotton Fitness Hoodies Supplier
-Cotton Shining Fabric -Oversized women sweatshirt -Puff printing logo
HUCAI Women Sports Pants Shining Fabric 100% Cotton Printing Joggers Supplier
-Shining Fabric - 100% Cotton -Puff printing logo
HUCAI Women Sportswear
Series6.Heat Seal Series
Design concept: This series utilizes advanced fitting technology to create sportswear that fits the body curves and shows the perfect line aesthetics.

Features show: 1. Fits curves 2. Comfort and ease
Series 6 Collection:
HUCAI Women Gym Bras Heat Seal Design Comfortable Custom Sportswear Manufacturer
-Heat Seal Design -High strength -Super soft and skin friendly
HUCAI ODM Women Leggings Heat Seal Process Slim Soft Sports Tights Factory
-Heat Seal Process -Super soft and skin friendly -Classic version of yoga pants
HUCAI Women Sportswear
Series7.Modal air cotton series:
Design concept: this series are all using air cotton fabrics to make sportswear, focusing on breathability and comfort, suitable for sportswear brands that pursue comfort and breathability.

Features show: 1. Lightweight 2. Breathable 
Series 7 Collection:
HUCAI Women Sports Pants Air Cotton Contrasting Stripe Fitness Joggers Supplier
-Air Cotton Fabrics - Contrasting Stripe Design -Elastic waistband
HUCAI Women Sportswear
Series 8.Comfort series:
Design concept: The series focuses on comfort and skin friendliness, aiming to provide a soft and comfortable wearing experience for sports users.

Features show: 1. Soft and skin friendly 2. Breathable
Series 8 Collection:
HUCAI Women Sportswear
Series 9.High Elasticity Texture Series
Design concept: This collection focuses on comfort and texture, using high-end yoga fabrics to provide the ultimate comfort experience for exercise.

Features show: 1. high elasticity 2. soft 3.comfortable
Series 9 Collection:
HUCAI Custom Lady Gym Bras High Strength Split Line Design Gymwear Manufacturer
-Split line design -High strength -Adjustable shoulder strap
HUCAI ODM Women Fitness Leggings Split Line Design Slim Sports Tights Factory
-Split Line Design -Selected high quality yoga fabric -Novel version
HUCAI Women Sportswear
Series10.Rhinestone Series
Design concept: This series adopts hot diamond craft, focusing on unique decorative craft and fashion sense, suitable for sportswear brands pursuing luxury and uniqueness.

Features show: 1. sense of luxury 2. fashionable
Series 10 Collection:
HUCAI Custom Women Triangle Bras Deep V Design Rhinestone Alphabet Gymwear
-Deep V Design - Triangle Type Bras -SRhinestone alphabet design
HUCAI ODM Women Sports Leggings Rhinestone Alphabet Waistband OEM Yoga Tights
-Rhinestone Alphabet Waistband Process -Classic version of yoga pants -Underwear style line design
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