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Why can't the sample do the desired effect?

Why can't the sample do the desired effect?
Update Time:2019-04-27
Does the model always fail to produce the desired effect?

Apart from the design, in fact, it's probably because you didn't choose the right fabric. Different types of fabrics often have different characteristics and show different effects.

Here are the details of yoga clothing fabrics.

1. Soft fabrics: Soft fabrics are generally light, with good drape, smooth lines and natural garment outline. Soft fabrics are generally knitted fabrics and silk fabrics, as well as soft and thin linen yarn fabrics.

2. Quick and refreshing fabrics: Quick and refreshing fabrics have clear lines and a sense of volume. They can form rich clothing outlines. Common fabrics are cotton, polyester and cotton, corduroy and ugly linen. This kind of fabric can be used to highlight the accuracy of fashion design. For example, the design of suits.

3. Glossy fabrics: the surface is smooth, and can reflect a bright light, a sense of shining. These fabrics include Satin fabric, usually for evening dresses and performance clothes.

4. Transparent fabrics: Transparent fabrics are light and exquisite in texture, with elegant and mysterious artistic effects.