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What Is The Anti-Sublimation Printing/Heat Transfer Effect?

What Is The Anti-Sublimation Printing/Heat Transfer Effect?

Update Time:2022/5/20
What Is The Anti-Sublimation Printing/Heat Transfer Effect?

In the process of making thermal transfer fitness clothes, sometimes it is inevitable to encounter some problems, such as the upward penetration of the fabric, the discoloration of the pattern that has been painstakingly stamped, and the final effect is poor! This is largely due to ink or fabric issues. Then you need an anti-sublimation effect to slow down this problem. So what is the principle? To put it simply, a layer of disperse dye barrier layer is added to the fabric, which effectively slows down the dye sublimation and penetrates the surface of the fabric.


What are the common sublimation fabrics?

Mesh, milk silk, four-sided stretch, polyester, nylon, polyester, polyester-cotton, and other fabrics.


Advantages of anti-sublimation printing/heat transfer?

a. Prevent color migration from destroying patterns

b. Strong coverage, no penetration

c. Wear-resistant and washable


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