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Why Is Polyester Spandex One Of The Best Choices For Fitness Apparel?

Why Is Polyester Spandex One Of The Best Choices For Fitness Apparel?

Update Time:2022/5/20

Why Is Polyester Spandex One Of The Best Choices For Fitness Apparel?

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To ensure that business owners choose to support your favorite fitness apparel, Hc sportswear has some experiences that we would like to share with you: for example, why is polyester spandex fabric one of the best choices for fitness apparel? Let's take a look.


In fact, polyester is known to be a popular choice for top athletic apparel manufacturers. It is lightweight, wrinkle-free, long-lasting and breathable. On top of that, it offers high strength, durability and amazing insulating properties.


Spandex is another material that is most commonly used in sports and fitness apparel. It has superior high elasticity, which makes the clothing flexible and comfortable during strenuous exercise. In addition, it wicks sweat quickly, breathes and dries, and in short, it's a great choice for an inexpensive, feature-rich, malleable material.

Okay, okay, I know they're both great materials. So what are the advantages of combining the two of them?

a. Good stretchability, not easily deformed, and no wrinkling

b. Soft and smooth hand feel, good elasticity, comfortable to wear fit

c. Good durability, good dyeability, and not easy to fade


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