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Announcement for New Products

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Announcement for New Products
Issue Time:2019-01-18

Founded in 1998, our company began to produce OEM products for customers, and gradually accumulated some experience. 

However, with the changes of the times, the market competition of OEM is becoming more and more fierce, and the profits obtained are not enough to support the survival of enterprises. For the long-term development and the creation of business value of enterprises , our company began to independently develop products to enhance our market competitiveness.

After years of development and precipitation, our cmpany has an excellent design team. The products are popular with customers and are exported to Europe, America and Australia, which including yoga pants & leggings, sports bra, fitness t-shirt, tank top, sport shorts, jogger pantshoodies, tracksuits, etc.

Our belief is: Not only the producer, but also the designer. 

With excellent R&D team, every year we launch many new products regularly. Here's a announcement about women's activewear. More information, please follow us.

Website: www.hcsportswear.com

Contact Person: Jean Yuan

Contact Number: +8613602338395

Facebook: Hucai Sportswear

Instagram: hucaisportswear

Whatsapp:+86 13719141362

Skype: adeleliu-liu