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Why do sportswear always have those tones?

Why do sportswear always have those tones?

Issue Time:2019/03/12

If you look carefully, you will find that color plays an important role in sports: green writes a chapter for football players to gallop, yellow collar shirt glitters with the glory of Tour de France, and red boxing gloves add more passion to the fight.


In the artistic style of clothing, the design of sports style represents a concise and lively visual feeling, and the choice of color is mostly white or other elegant colors. For example, red and yellow with high purity are ideal colors for expressing sports style. They can effectively realize the contrast between colors and create a strong and fast psychological feeling. Athletes wear colorful clothes, which is also for athletes to make movements so that coaches and others can clearly distinguish.


In the late 1950s, monochrome or shade color was popular in the color design of sportswear. Although this combination of colors did not give people a clear sense of vision, it created a pleasant atmosphere for the entire stadium, but also highlighted the main characteristics of sportswear.


The use of color contrast will produce a rhythmic atmosphere, which can not only make athletes have a pleasant mood, but also stimulate their potential desire for sports. Sports-style clothing design often stimulates the excitement of athletes through the beauty of color. For example, in the design of ski suits and other clothing, its distinct sports style complements the situation at that time and is very convenient for viewers to watch.


With the extensive development of sports, sports events are also increasing. At the same time, the color and function of sports clothes are put forward higher requirements accordingly. In the style design of sports clothes, we should fully consider the amount of sports and breathability.


Here are some common color languages for sportswear.

Red: Active, enthusiastic, festive, new and strong. 

Orange: Confidence, boldness and good personality. 

Yellow: Joy, youth, simplicity and generosity. 

Blue: Calm and silent. 

Purple: Noble and elegant. 

Black: Mysterious, serious and mature. 

White: Pure, simple and elegant


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