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Hucai Sportswear develop the Dragon Boat Festival culture

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Hucai Sportswear develop the Dragon Boat Festival culture
Issue Time:2019-06-06
Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China. There are rich and colorful festival activities all over the country on this day. Dragon Boat Festival has many customs. Because of the differences in local areas, there are also differences in the content or details of customs. Although different places have different laws, dragon boating and rice dumplings are common customs. Dragon Boat Festival, through traditional folk activities, can not only enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, but also inherit and carry forward the traditional culture.
Dragon boat race is an ancient Chinese folk activity. According to legend, during the end of Eastern Zhou Dynasty in Warring States Period, Qu Yuan, a senior official in Chu State, committed suicide by hating to throw himself into the river. The people of the Chu State, they couldn't bear to give up their virtuous minister Qu Yuan (who devoted himself to the Miluo River in Yueyang). So many people rowed boats to catch up with rescue. They rushed to catch up with Yueyang Dongting Lake without any trace, which was the origin of the Dragon Boat race. Then they rowed dragon boats every May 5 to commemorate Dragon boats were used to disperse the fish in the river so that they would not eat the body of Qu Yuan.
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In order to better inherit and develop the Dragon Boat Festival culture, Hucia Sportswear company organizes collective making rice dumplings (zongzi). Employees take an active part in the division of labor and cooperation, and strive to do something within their capabilities. In the process, full of laughter and laughter, as warm as home. Through activities, we can work together, understand each other, and greatly enhance team cohesion.
Hucai Sportswear Celebrate Drgon Boat FestivalHucai Sportswear Staff Making Rice Dumplings