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2019 First China Textile Industry Internet Summit Forum

2019 First China Textile Industry Internet Summit Forum

Issue Time:2019/06/28

On June 23, nearly 1,000 experts, scholars and industry representatives from all over the country gathered in Keqiao to participate in the first China Textile Industry Internet Summit Forum on "Textile, Start Again" to explore the future direction of textile development.

As we all know, with the deep integration of industrial Internet and textile industry, emerging technology is constantly promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. It can be predicted that the advent of the industrial Internet era will certainly break the inherent barriers and traditional boundaries between institutions, enterprises and organizations of the textile supply chain, and usher in a new pattern, new rules and new starting point for the development of the industry.

Against this background, Keqiao has been closely following the goal of building an international textile capital in the new era in recent years, grasping the development opportunities of information technology such as industrial Internet, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, speeding up the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and vigorously promoting the construction of textile industry Internet, intelligent transformation of enterprises and digital integration on the basis of the completion of printing and dyeing industry agglomeration. Significant. At present, there are more than 8000 Shangyun enterprises and 210 key textile printing and dyeing enterprises will complete the intelligent transformation in three years. Around the textile industry chain, our region has also cultivated a number of textile industry Internet service platforms and enterprises, such as online textile city, tile hurdle culture, Aaron Mall, Huansi Wisdom, etc.

Xia Lingmin, Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation, pointed out in his keynote speech that the textile industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy and also an industry that can be widely used by the industrial Internet. With the increasing demand for individualized, functional and fast fashion products from end consumers in textile industry, new models based on industrial internet, such as individualized customization, flexible production, sharing of manufacturing resources and efficient supply chain collaboration, are emerging in the textile industry, playing an important role in the innovation and development of the industry. He pointed out that in the next stage, the textile industry should actively explore such aspects as the construction of industrial Internet platform system, the construction of industrial Internet demonstration base, the building of industry solutions, the upgrading of enterprise digitalization, and the emergence of new models and applications through industrial Internet, so as to create a good environment for the development of industrial Internet in textile industry.

In Keqiao, such vivid practice has blossomed, and the wisdom of thinking around is one of them. As a well-known enterprise in the area of information technology service, Huanshi wisdom farming textile printing and dyeing industry, with cloud computing and big data as its enabling power for textile industry, promotes the organic integration of industry and science and technology, develops industrial APP adapted to Keqiao enterprise management, such as trade ERP, garment ERP, etc., to contribute to promoting the digital transformation of textile printing and dyeing enterprises in our region and promoting the construction of textile industry Internet. Wisdom and good ecology have been created.

The stone of other mountains can attack the jade. On the same day, the relevant leaders from Haier, Dikanon, UFriends, Digital Technology, Extreme Interconnection and other domestic industry "Star Cafe" enterprises shared the successful experience of the pioneers on the spot. "Whether it is business management or industry competition, we can get inspiration from it." Participants in the industry have expressed that the exploration of excellent enterprises provides an example for the industry, and there are many experiences worth learning and learning from.

Under the new situation, textile industry needs more powerful power to start again. During the day-long activities, the exchanges of wisdom and inspiration, like touchstones, guide and inspire textile enterprises in Keqiao and other areas to boost their industries through the power of science and technology, capital and industry. They also open a new window of industry + Industry Internet for Keqiao textile industry.


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