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What Is the Normal Production Procedures To Custom Your Own Brand Clothing

What Is the Normal Production Procedures To Custom Your Own Brand Clothing

Issue Time:2019/08/03

Production Procedures To Custom Your Own Brand Clothing 

Nowadays,Most people are trying to build up their own clothing brand,Howover,They maybe not very clear about the production process to create own brand clothing. Below we are happy to introduce the process!


1. Confirm the custom design

To create your own brand clothing,Firstly,You should have the designs you are going to create.You can both provide your own custom designs or choice designs from the suppliers' catalogue and ask them to add your own logo,label on.


Then the supplier wil confirm the material to use,the size guide to follow,the color to choice with you.



2. Arrange A Custom Sample With Customized Logo And Label 

Usually,After confirming the details of the designs,The supplier will arrange some samples, so you can check the material,size,color and any other details.And a good supplier usually have a seperated design team and sample production team who will arrange good quality samples for their customers.And most of the supplier will charge sample fee for the custom samples.


3. Mass Production 

After confirm the details of the samples,The supplier will update their size guide for the mass production.You can check it to make sure the size of the bulk goods are suitable for your customers.

Then they will order the fabric for bulk order,arrange the pre-production samples and finally do mass production.


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