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How Do You Create Own Gym Shirt?

How Do You Create Own Gym Shirt?

Issue Time:2020/05/30
How Do You Create Own Gym Shirt?

Are you struggling about how to create own gym shirt?It can be extremely difficult for people who are new in this field.Below we will introduce a easy way for you to custom your own gym shirt.

1. Find your inspiration 

The first thing you need to do is to find your inspiration!It is not so hard!Your inspiration can be a slogan or any other object which you can image.


2. Pick up the design of t shirt 

Cause you already have the inspiration,The second step is you need to find the latest style of t shirt you may like.Maybe you can pick up the style from one of the china t shirts manufacturer and ask them to add your inspiration into the t shirts and create a mockup.


3. Turn it into real products 

Then you can ask the factory to manufacture based on the mockup.This is completly simple which may help you a lot even though you are new in this field.

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