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Are sports bras really needed? And why?

Are sports bras really needed? And why?

Issue Time:2019-01-24

YES! Sports bras are needed.

For one thing,  when you do any exercise, if your shirt flies up, nobody will see anything!

For another, If you happen to be well-endowed, a sports bra is more supportive than a regular bra for athletic movement. Most of them are also designed to "breathe" so that you're not drenched in sweat.

Sports bras can be divided into three kinds: Low impact, Medium impact and High impact.

Low-impact sports bras with comfortable detailing provide light support for yoga, Pilates or barre workouts.

Extra support in medium-impact sports bras help elevate your performance for that next gym, spin or studio class.

High-impact sports bras offer maximum support with molded cups for high-energy runs and aerobics.