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Hucai Sportswear Co,. Ltd Fire Drill

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Hucai Sportswear Co,. Ltd Fire Drill
Issue Time:2019-03-27
Yesterday afternoon, our company conducted a fire drill. Employees responded positively, cooperated with each other, and the drill went smoothly. It gave us a vivid lesson and raised our awareness of fire safety.

The purpose of fire drills is to test the ability of employees and compulsory fire emergency organizations to cope with fires, to assess the skills and effectiveness of daily fire training and education, to improve the ability of fire fighting, evacuation, Self-rescue of employees and the ability of fire management to organize, coordinate and direct fires, so that employees can be exercised and educated in the drills, to further enhance the awareness of fire safety, and to make "prevention first, prevention combined with elimination" The policy has been better implemented in the company.