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How Should We Wash Yoga Clothes?

How Should We Wash Yoga Clothes?

Issue Time:2019/05/18

Yoga stretching exercises, although after a class, people will not sweat too much, but sweating is generally able to, so it is best to replace yoga clothes after class, timely cleaning, otherwise clothes will easily have sweat spots. How to wash the yoga clothes? Is the cleaning method the same for yoga clothes of different materials? You may as well look down:


Cotton and linen Yoga suits

Cotton and linen yoga clothes have good hygroscopicity and comfortable air permeability. They can be washed directly by washing machine. However, it should be noted that they should not be placed in the washing machine for too long in order to avoid odor.


Polyester Yoga Clothes

Polyester yoga clothes have good elasticity, wear resistance, wrinkle resistance. When cleaning, softener should be used and washed separately from other close-fitting clothes according to the situation. If you have leisure time, you can also wash by hand.


Flax Yoga suits

Flax yoga clothes have strong sweat absorption and are not close to the body. They are suitable for people who sweat more and have strong endocrine. If they are dirty, it is recommended to wash them by hand in cold water. What should be noted is that they should not be twisted and dried directly to avoid clothes deformation.


Viscose Yoga Clothes

Viscose yoga clothes have good elasticity, light texture, light and comfortable wear. When cleaning, be careful not to dry-clean, not to soak in a pot for a long time, nor to clean with bleach. After cleaning, it's best to hang it in the sun and dry it quickly.


If it's too troublesome to classify carefully, then the common washing method of yoga clothes:

1. Routine washing with warm water below 30 degrees

2. Do not use softener, do not chlorine bleach

3. Please control the temperature of the iron at or below mid-temperature.

4. Do not dry-clean or mix with other clothes.


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