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Can We Wear Sports Bra In The Daily Life?

Can We Wear Sports Bra In The Daily Life?

Issue Time:2019/05/21

As we all know, sports bra is designed to avoid women's breasts in sports and fitness are injured, has a very strong functionality, regardless of moisture absorption or strong support is unmatched in ordinary underwear, then the sports bra can usually wear it? Is the answer to the question not obvious? Since it is more prominent than regular underwear, shouldn't it be worn more often? 

In fact, such an idea is wrong. Sports underwear can usually wear it, the answer is no. Although the sports bra can make your chest more comfortable during exercise, and can effectively reduce the pain caused by violent movements or sagging. However, if the whole body is wearing sports underwear, it will be too oppressed on the chest, and the blood circulation to the chest will be adverse. 

So, for sports bras, you can wear it everyday. The advice is, don't wear it all day.


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