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The Functions For Yoga Pants

The Functions For Yoga Pants

Issue Time:2019/05/21

With the normalization of Athleisure trend in recent years,yoga pantsand tights have become part of their daily dress for young people nowadays. The controversy over tight pants is that they have different meanings for people of different ages. For Generation Y, tight pants are a symbol of lifestyle, representing health and vitality, rather than daily work clothes. But for the younger Generation Z, tight pants are a basic item like jeans.


Due to the strong market demand for yoga pants and tights, more and more competitors and more fierce competition in the field of subdivision, the functionality and innovation of products have become a powerful tool to gain a firm foothold.


Recent researches on sportswear have been conducted on yoga pants. 

From lululemon, easyyoga, Sanfan and samyama to various grades, it has been found that some of the functions provided by yoga trousers at present include the basic look, stovepipe, waist, and hips. Wrapped, supported, impervious, and moisture wicking, antibacterial, multi-bag design, no underwear, etc., would like to see how the general sports enthusiast's arrangement of pain points for yoga pants is like. 

We also hope that our friends who are interested can work as experience officers for our products in the future and help us improve the products together.


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