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China Low MOQ Sports Bra Manufacturer-Hucai Sportswear

China Low MOQ Sports Bra Manufacturer-Hucai Sportswear

Issue Time:2019/11/12

China Low MOQ Sports Bra Manufacturer-Hucai Sportswear 

A pair of sports bra is necessary for an athletic girls.But it seams that it is hard for clothing brand owner to find their supplier to create own brand sports bra.


Why?I think it is mainly because the stitching requirment is higher than making other apparels.To manfuacture a good pair of sports bra,The manufacturer need to know more about women size and cut carefully.Below lets introduce some of the latest fashion sports bra from Hucai Sportswear .


criss cross sports bra manufacturer

Criss Cross Sports Bra


1.Maroon color can be very popular in recent years.

2.People also like the criss cross design on the back.

quick dry sports bra

Quick Dry Sports Bra



1.Cuticolour is one of the reason why people like this design


2.The design of the stripe can be the important reason that people like to pick this one.


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